I’m Glad You’re Here

Health and happiness in all things is my mojo. Business is my passion. I’m a thriving entrepreneur, a writer and a global citizen. I believe that small changes everyday add up to the sum of the best you.

Enjoy life.

To your wild happiness,
Melissa Lanz


Melissa is dedicated to happiness as a daily lifestyle. As the author and Founder of The Fresh 20, Melissa understands that the path to health and happiness runs through the kitchen. Her healthful menu plans have helped over 100,000 families get wholesome food on the table.

In 2011, Melissa founded the Family Food Summit, an online conversation with food industry leaders, about feeding our families. She believes in small changes everyday to encourage optimal health and promotes family meals.

Melissa is a former internet brand consultant for Fortune 100 companies. She knows what it takes to create profit based on an idea or a spark. An expert in small business structure, Melissa mentors dreamers beyond passionate ideas and into real, tangible results.

Melissa speaks nationally on happiness, business and the idea of personal optimization. Her best selling book, The Fresh 20 Cookbook (Harper Collins/William Morrow) was released April 23rd, 2013.

She resides in Los Angeles, living with three boys. One of them she calls ‘Hubby’.