Many families are struggling with family nutrition. It seems that more and more choices are available but healthy options are limited. It’s easy to get caught in a rut, preparing the same meals over and over again. Pizza, chicken nuggets and macaroni have become staples in the American diet.  They do not give families the opportunity for optimal health.

It is POSSIBLE to save time and still cook homemade dinners.  It is POSSIBLE to save money buying fresh, quality ingredients.  One of the elements that keeps families in the unhealthy food cycle is not having a plan. Organization is key, but it takes time.

The Fresh 20 is a weekly solution to the challenges of dinner.  Groceries are less than $75 per week for 5 dinners.  Subscriptions start at less than $1 per week.  Everyone needs a plan for success.  The Fresh 20 can help.

The Family Food Summit is free resource for anyone looking to learn more about the food we eat and get tips on how to put fresh food on the table. Started as an online summit with leading industry experts about feeding our families, The Family Food Summit is now an ongoing series of interviews and seminars to help parents back to the dinner table.

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