The Perils of Busy

by on September 12, 2013

People ask me all the time what makes an entrepreneur tick? It’s simple. We are driven to perform AND willing to take more risks than most. I think it’s evident that long term entrepreneurs are a little crazy. Who else would dive into an unpredictable future by starting their own business?

I’ve been reading a bit lately on what makes me tick cause I’m dying to know. So is my husband. My business coach sent a copy of Daring Greatly to my house. I’ve been wound up a little tight about my business and she thought a little BrenĂ© Brown might help.

I didn’t get past the introduction before words leapt off the page, circled my head and landed on !Bingo! My epiphany was lucky number seven on the list of steps to Wholehearted Living.

“Cultivating Play and Rest: Letting go of EXHAUSTION as a STATUS SYMBOL and PRODUCTIVITY as SELF WORTH.”

My head went racing and I realized I just got served. In the introduction mind you.

Epiphanies are sometimes mistaken for those moments when we discover something greater than ourselves but I’d like to suggest that an epiphany can certainly take place in those moments when you realize you’ve been acting like a jerk. I think every conversation I’ve had in the last year when someone has asked my how I was began with “busy”, “swamped” or “hanging in”. So I must profusely apologize to the people in my life who bear witness to my false understanding that if I kill myself with work and tasks and busy work, it means I’ve really arrived. If I’m busy, I’m somebody.

Thank you, but no.

The reality is I chose this path. I created this journey and I’ll be damned if the only thing I can say about my circumstance is it must be endured. There is time to relax. I make the schedule, right? Living must maintain a priority hold on my day. So I ask you: IS your to-do list defining your life?

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